Meter Auditing


The eMalahleni Local Municipality has embarked on a turnaround strategy to improve service delivery. Part of the strategy involves a meter auditing process which will commence in the coming weeks. Both electrical (conventional and pre-paid) and water meters will be audited. This exercise will assist in rectifying billing system errors as well as identifying those meters that require replacement or repair.

Utility Information Systems (UIS) are appointed as the contractor which will perform the meter audit. Data capturers will in the weeks to follow visit both residential and commercial properties. Meter and owner/tenant information will be collected on an electronic hand-held device carried by the data captures. Owners/tenants may also submit their information via the following link: click here. For more information please contact UIS on 084 582 4616.

The data capturers employed by Utility Information Systems will be easily identifiable. All data capturers shall wear a reflective jacket with eMalahleni Local Municipality printed on the back. In addition, data capturers will be in possession of an identification card worn visibly in their left-hand pocket. Please confirm that the identification card contains both the logos of the eMalahleni Local Municipality and of Utility Information Systems. Finally, the identification card must be signed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and must be presented to you together with their South African ID or passport on request.


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the eMalahleni Local Municipality appeals to all residents to assist with the meter auditing process. Auditing of meters will not only assist the Local Municipality in updating their Financial System but will also be used to address service delivery issues.