A survey by UIS indicated that at most Municipalities there are limited control over the cut off and reconnection actions. This problem is further aggravated by the primarily paper based system which provides inadequate proof of actions carried out in the field.

CoRe Screen small

The CoRe Solution was conceived to address this problem and offer the Municipality complete control of all actions taken in the field, thus providing a correlation of physical work done with invoices delivered to Municipality by the contractor(s).

The CoRe Solution offers Municipalities the following advantages:

  • CoRe’s patented proximity control feature ensures that cut off and reconnection actions are carried out at the correct address
  • The system is live ensuring that all field actions and information is immediately available to Municipal personnel i.e. a consumer on the cut off list who has paid or made an arrangement will be immediately removed from the list
  • Provision has been made to capture additional information e.g. kiosk not locked, damaged meter etc. This information is used to generate work orders.
  • Photos are captured as proof of the action taken. This prevents the contractor from invoicing the municipality for fictitious actions. These photos in conjunction with the captured data will prove invaluable for legal prosecution purposes
  • Monitor and control the performance of the contractor. Using the built in reports poor performance can immediately be identified enabling the Municipality to effect immediate counter measures
  • The system forces the contractor to complete scheduled reconnections within a set time limit 
  • System can generate invoices for the actual work performed by the contractor
  • The fitted GPS module indicates the field workers position in real time on the GIS map loaded on the electronic hand held device which highlights the properties to be cut. The field worker no longer needs to search for an address thus increasing the field workers work rate
  • Additional cuts and reconnections can be logged by Municipal employees which are transmitted via the GSM network immediately to the field workers
  • Every action/instruction carried out is logged and can be traced to the responsible person, preventing fraudulent actions being logged by Municipal employees
  • The system includes advanced reporting features e.g. a report indicating the amount of cut off actions versus reconnections will depict the success of the operation in a particular area
  • The solution can be implemented at any stage and is fully compatible with all leading Financial Management Systems used by Municipalities
  • The solution can be offered in conjunction with a GIS enabling the generation of thematic maps and linking the captured data. This will allow the Municipality to identify problem areas within its boundaries e.g. areas with damaged infrastructure or illegal connections will immediately be visible.