The UIS Meter Reading Solution utilises an electronic hand held device fitted with a GPS module by means of which meter reader movements are tracked. Our patented proximity control forces the meter reader to physically be at the meter point before the software will allow a reading to be captured.

This will ensure an increase in accurate meter readings being taken in the field which will result in an increase in revenue and an improvement in relations between consumers and the Municipality.

The system includes an advanced management interface. The interface will equip the contractor’s personnel responsible for managing the meter reading operation to effectively manage the readings, re-readings, meter routes and meter books.

Various reports are available which indicates the meter reader’s effectiveness as well as providing the Municipality with important financial and infrastructure maintenance information.

Key Features:


  • Out of the box solution
  • Patented proximity control software prevents fictitious meter readings from being captured
  • Additional data can be captured in the field e.g. tampered meters, damaged meters etc.
  • The solution can be implemented at any stage and is fully compatible with all leading Financial Management Systems used by Municipalities
  • Software can be easily customised for use in any environment
  • Built in module for easy compilation and correction of meter book routes
  • The meter reader is forced to take photographic evidence in cases where meter readings cannot be captured e.g. broken meter
  • An advanced reporting system is included which enables proactive identification of problem areas
  • The system can be configured to transmit the readings in real time over the GSM network or readings can be downloaded on a daily basis
  • The solution can be offered in conjunction with a GIS enabling the generation of thematic maps and linking the captured data. This will allow the Municipality to identify problem areas within its boundaries e.g. high consumptions within a particular area will indicate possible water leakages or illegal connections